Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rift Crafting Guide - Fully Master The Crafting Aspect Of Rift

Here's a simple and straight forward RIFT crafting guide if you are looking for one. Crafting is using your professions to produce useful items, equipment, or consumables. You can make a lot of gold with crafting professions, or you can just try to make your character better and better. I'm going to go over the crafting uses below for some more information.

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Crafting armor & weapons

Probably the best way that you can take advantage of a crafting profession is to make things that your character can use. Instead of having to wait for certain gear to "drop" off of a boss, or waiting to get into a high level raid instance, you can generally work, on your own, to craft the useful gear yourself. This is going to be the best way (and easiest) to get really good gear. However, normally the profession won't keep up with the end-game content, and you may find that ultimately the profession isn't as useful as another crafting profession.

Crafting consumables and other items that are used

You can also create items that are used (or consumed,) which generally provide a lasting "buff" or benefit on those who used it. For instance, if you know that you are almost dying, you can use a health potion. This is very useful for a number of different players (normally each player will use at least one consumable,) so you can make a lot of gold since it's in demand by every player out there. You can also make consumables for yourself which will save you gold.

Here's a fantastic RIFT crafting guide to help you level up and master whatever profession you want

If you want to learn how to make a ton of gold with professions, then this RIFT crafting guide is for you.

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